3 days Trekking Chiang Mai Mae Taeng

A perfect tour for those who like the wild nature: 3 days and 2 night in the thai jungle!

Minimum 4 persons ! For less than 4 people, please contact us first.

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9 to 10 hours walking in total during the 3 days

Deep inside jungle, the hills, remote area, eco trek

Difficulty: Average (not for young children or elderly)

Best price guarantee: 1,690 Thb / person

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This 3 day trekking Chiang Mai will bring you in the North West, well known for its beautiful scenery and different ethnic hill tribes.

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Day 1

  • Pick-up time at your hotel or guesthouse between 08h00 and 08h30
  • Orchids and butterfly farm
  • Visit to Shan and local market
  • Lunch
  • Walking and hikking
  • Waterfall and bathing
  • Arriving at Lahu Village
  • Local hill tribe in remote area (no electricity by network)
  • Dinner around firecamp

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Walking
  • Waterfall and swimming
  • Lunch
  • Waterfall and bathing
  • Diner
  • Sleep near an elephant and Mahout Village

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Walking back
  • Waterfall and swimming
  • Elephant discovery for about 15-30 minutes
  • Whitewater rafting about 30 minutes to1 hour (depend of water level)
  • Bamboo rafting 30 minutes
  • Back to your accommodation around 17h30

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  • Pickup from your hotel and back
  • Join tour (group of 4 to 15 approx.)
  • Full Transportation
  • Officially Licensed English speaking guide usually native from the area or hill tribe
  • Lunch and dinner on first day, breakfast and lunch on second day
  • Insurance

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  • Drinks (beer, water...)
  • Cigarettes

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Questions and answers?

Q: Is it difficult?

A: This trek is not suitable for children and the elderly. The difficulty is average to lightly difficult. Months of April to May are quite hot. Months of August to end of October can be wet.

Q: What should I bring?

A: A small back pack bag, two t-shirts, swimming suit, a pair of short pants or long pants, two pair of socks, a long sleeve shirt and long pants (nights can be quite cool especially during the winter season of November to February), hiking shoes or good closed sports with crampons and flip flops, a towel, a raincoat (during the rainy season of July, August and moreover September and October), Polar shirt during cold season, personal toiletries, deodorant, including toilet paper, mosquito repellent, a flashlight, personal first-aid kit (plasters, etc.), any prescription medication you require like an asthma inhaler or other medicines and of course your photo camera with battery fully charged and plenty of memory.

Q: Is it fun?

A: Quite fun and be prepared to socialize and make new friends.

Q: Are they real hill tribe people?

A: Sure!

Q: I would like to make them some donation or tips over there, can I?

A: Nothing is mandatory but we encourage to bring small books like coloring book and colored pencils, small images books for children, educational books - the ones can be understandable by non English reader. Tips are not mandatory but it's up to you. Give smiles, exchange and communicate. Be eco and have a sustainable attitude.

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Convenient: pickup and back at your hotel

Fully flexible: no fix date decide when just 48 hours before.

Departure everyday.

Insured by Chartis Thailand

License number: 21/00488 delivered by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Thailand, Department of Tourism.

Booking services and provider selection by a top 50 travel agency in Thailand assessed and awarded an official 4 stars rating by Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Department of Tourism certified good level for the services of tourism. Certificate valid until February, 25th 2014.

Cancellation Policy with full refund, no risk following our rules:

  • If you cancel, at least seven or more days before the scheduled date, you will be fully refund the total amount.
  • If you cancel, between 3 and 6 calendar days of the scheduled date, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the total tour cost.
  • If you cancel, within 2 days of the scheduled date, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the total tour cost.

Date change policy, yes, you can change the date...

Chiang-Mai-Trekking.com does not charge a fee to amend or change the dates of an existing booking, as long as the request is received by our Customer Care center more than three days (72 hours) ahead of your confirmed tour date.

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3 day trekking Chiang Mai is an unforgettable trip in Northern Thailand

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Looking for another trekking? Maybe a 1 day trekking?

Are you looking for an unforgettable journey through Chiang Mai? If so then you and your travel companions will want to participate in the 3 day trekking chiang mai tour offered by our company. Whether you opt to go with friends or as a solo traveler, be prepared to bond and socialize with the others on the tour as you set out on a memorable adventure. Along the way, you will visit a local market for lunch, hike through the forest, bath in a natural waterfall, and spend the night in a hill tribe village.

The Chiang Mai tour begins when our friendly and knowledgeable staff picks up you and any other members of your party at your hotel early in the morning. The trek begins with an SUV ride to a beautiful orchids and butterfly farm. In the car, trek participants can begin the bonding process, as they become fast friends. While at the farm, visitors have the opportunity to stroll the grounds viewing rare and exotic flowers that are breeding ground for butterflies. After the farm, trekkers will visit a local market offering delectable treats and delicious cuisine that is only found in Asia. With stomachs rumbling after smelling the delicious aromas of the food in the marketplace, trek participants are treated to a delicious meal before an afternoon of hiking.

After lunch, trekkers begin hiking through the woods towards their next destination: the waterfalls. The hiking places trekkers close to vegetation and animals only found in this region of the world. As the hike continues, the laughter of small children will resonate through the trees as you near the waterfalls. As the trekkers relax from a strenuous hike, the local children will be enjoying a natural slip and slide down the rocks. Next, join your new friends as you slide down the rocky waterfall into the refreshing water below.

After the waterfall, the hiking continues till the arrival at the Lahu Village a local hill tribe located in a remote area. With no electricity available, trekkers will be able to see how the village operates without modern conveniences that they take for granted. Participants in the trek will sleep like the locals in hand built wood shelters designed to accommodate the entire tour group. After enjoying a dinner with the tribe, the trekkers will be treated to a night of dancing and music performed by the village elders and children. As you relax around the roaring fire with newfound friends enjoy the beautiful music and hospitality afforded by the tribe.

The second day begins with a goodbye to the villagers before a hike down to the waterfalls for a morning bath and shower. After the shower, hikers will discover elephants for an amazing experience with them
. The afternoon of fun continues with white water rafting and concludes with a relaxing bamboo raft ride down the river. The three-day trek continues as the participants continue hiking to a second hill tribe village for another night of food, music, and bonding with new friends. With the dawn of the third day, the trekkers will enjoy a refreshing shower under the waterfalls before beginning the hike back to the starting point.

When two days is not enough, opt for the 3 day trekking chiang mai tour that is sure to exceed anyone's expectations. Visit us online to schedule the adventure of a lifetime!

What to Bring Trekking in Chiang Mai

Wanna do a trek, so what to bring trekking in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand is well-known all around the world for the trekking opportunity that it provides to its visitors. Tourist visiting region make sure to do Chiang Mai trekking. Usually trekking takes one day to several days and gives you a great chance to enjoy the flora and fauna of the region. However, it is important that you must prepare yourself for trekking, before you reach there. This preparation includes taking a list of things that you might need when trekking in Chiang Mai. The number of items you would need depends on the amount of time you would be spending in your trekking trip.

What to Bring Trekking in Chiang Mai

When you are making a list of things to take for Chiang Mai trekking, you should know that the items would differ according to the season when you would be visiting the region. Those special items are also mention below, but first the list of things that you must bring no matter what is the season.

Trekking in all Seasons

· Clothing

1. T-shirt
2. Short and Long pants
3. Long Sleeve
4. Towel
5. Swim suit
6. Socks

· Footwear

1. Shoes
2. Slipper

· Sanitation

1. Soap
2. Tooth brush and paste
3. Toilet paper

· For Skin

1. Deodorant
2. Sun cream

· Medical

1. First aid kit
2. Pain killer
3. Stomach-ache medicine
4. Bandage
5. Plaster
6. Antiseptic

· Other Things

1. Small back pack
2. Flash light
3. Mosquito spray

Trek in Hot Season

Hot season in Chiang Mai region starts in the month of March and ends in the month of May and if you are visiting during this time then you must additionally carry the items listed below:

1. Hat
2. Handkerchief

Trek during Raining Season

Rainy season in Chiang Mai region starts in the month of June and ends in the month of October and if you are visiting during this time then you must additionally carry the items listed below:

1. Rain coat

2. Hiking boots

Trek in Cold Season

Cold season in Chiang Mai region starts in the month of November and ends in the month of February and if you are visiting during this time then you must additionally carry the items listed below:

1. Jacket
2. Sleeping bag

How much money You Must Have for a trek

It is must that you should carry some cash to take care of the expenses during the trekking trip in Chiang Mai. Currency of Thailand is "Baht" and you should take nearly one thousand baht per person in the trip. However, you must make sure that the money is not in a single note and in lesser denomination. You would need the money for buying drinks and handicrafts of the hill tribe.


The items mentioned above are the ones you that usually most of the tourists need during this trekking trip. The quantity of the each item you need to take would depend on the duration of your trip. Additionally, if you have any allergies or any other type of medical issues, you must take the medicines for those with you. You should know that when trekking in the terrains of the jungle, you need to be fully prepared to make sure that you enjoy the trip and make a memorable part of your life.

Trekking in Mae Taeng

Located in Northern Thailand, Mae Taeng, in the province of Chiang Mai is fast becoming a hiking hotspot with scores of routes forging through the surrounding hills and mountains. Having been in the province for a few months, now enjoying another stay in Mae Rim, the ease with which it is possible to escape into the surrounding wilderness still blows me away.

trekking in Mae TaengFor any of you that might have been, you may know that the northwest of the province is well famed for its areas of outstandng natural beauty so on our latest sojourn we decided to book a two day excursion with a tour operator in the city of Chiang Mai. This was something quite different from our own short hikes over the hills, so it was with some excitement that we set off. Sleeping on the trail was going to be a little adventure.

One particular route took our interest and this was the Trekking in Mae Taeng, a two day extravaganza of hill trekking throuh the gorgeous vistas located 50km northwest of Chiang Mai city.

This Trekking in Mae Taeng is particularly interesting because it includes a visit to the Shan people, a remote tribal group as well as Lahu village, another mountainous hilltribe setting.

Indeed the first day was rather serene, before we even began the trek we were soothed by a tour of a nearby orchid farm complete with its adjoined butterfly sanctuary. The perk of the day for me was the campfire dinner at the end, a magnificent feast to follow a good days trekking. Sleep eventually came that night, the stars were out and quite a distraction! Thankfully we didn't have to be up too early, a nice relaxed Thai schedule, with plenty of rest.

Just as well because the next day was far more adrenaline driven! Whilst there was no hot shower in the morning it was more than tolerable to begin with a waterfall instead. Once we'd dried off we were more than ready to start some elephant trekking, proceeding through the jungle atop this mighty beast, an appreciation for their strength and good-temper really began to grow in me. Perhaps my aunty wasn't so crazy for collecting little statues of them...

Trekking in Mae Taeng

Getting wet seemed to be a recurrent theme and returned in the shape of a highly charged white water rafting session. Over the 40 minute journey you encounter a wide variety of scenery not to mention local flora and fauna, there was also a switch in boats at the end. Following the navigation of the fast tempo river in a white water raft the more relaxed session shortly followed. Drifting alongside the jungle on the traditional bamboo raft was a nice ending to the day, both my wife and I thought it was a great two days. We are thinking now of going on one of the more adventurous 5 day trips but whether we will find a route as inspiring as the trekking in Mae Taeng one is unknown at this point. I would like to spend some more time in the remoter regions of the northwest though.

Check our programs in join-group in the Mae Taeng area : 3 days trekking, 2 days trekking and 1 day trekking

Trekking Chiang Mai

Enjoy a Trekking in Chiang Mai, Thailand...

Thailand is a popular destination most especially for eco-adventure travellers. With all its beautiful sceneries and places to see, it basically offers a wide choice of eco-adventure activities from all over the place. Visiting Thailand, particularly northern Thailand is not complete without getting to visit and explore the beautiful city of Chiang Mai which is among the most visited destination therein. Showing off both modern and traditional Thai culture, Chiang Mai being Thailand's provincial capital is proud to brag about their many tourists attractions from temples, markets, shopping malls, parks, zoos, museums, and hotels.
Situated 700 kilometres north of Bangkok, Thailand, Chiang Mai is indeed a must see destination and among the fantastic location for best trekking northern Thailand.

trekking Chiang MaiNonetheless, for whatever reasons you have for visiting such wonderful city, your will surely enjoy touring the whole city of Chiang Mai thus making your trip worthwhile. All the while such experience can be very memorable, tours beyond the city can also offer you a world of amazing adventures. When trekking Chiang Mai, you will discover spectacular caves, golden temples in mountains, fertile forest trekking trails, thundering waterfalls, luxuriant valleys which are filled of so many plants and flowers, and many colorful birds. All these and more are what you can actually explore at Chiang Mai by foot, through river raft, or even by riding an elephant.

Discovering and exploring isolated and daring trekking trails in Chiang Mai can be totally full of fun but may seem a little difficult, since some of the paths are slanting and there would be times that you need to walk up by the hill.

And since this place in Chiang Mai has many types of greeneries, you will likely find long stretched vegetation and trees which you will not generally find in other places. So if you are planning to experience the best trekking northern Thailand, particularly in Chiang Mai make sure to wear strong durable shoes to keep your feet safe and less tiring. Also, bring with you the necessary pain killers in case you'll have headaches and body aches. You shouldn't forget to bring with you a first aid kit if ever untoward incidents happen. Now, when it's time for you to book a trekking adventure to Chiang Mai, Thailand be sure to plan it ahead of time. List all the things you need to bring with you especially a camera with video to capture and document your one of a kind trekking adventure. Booking 2 days and 1 night trekking Thailand is somehow enough for a great trekking experience.trekking Chiang Mai

This package features many different experiences such as visiting beautiful orchids and butterfly farm, checking out Shan and the lively local market, arriving at Lahu Village, interacting with local hill tribe in some remote areas, waterfall and swimming, elephant riding which usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes, enjoy white water rafting and bamboo rafting. This 2 days and 1 night booking may include breakfast, lunch, and dinner depending on your choice as well as comfortable room accommodations and full transportation service.

2 Days Trekking in Chiang Mai

2 Day Trekking Chiang Mai, Mae taeng, 50 kilometers at North West of Chiang Mai city

5 hours walking in total during the 2 days

Deep inside jungle, the hills, remote area, eco trek

Difficulty: Average (not for young children or elderly)

Book Now

This 2 day trekking Chiang Mai will bring you in the North West, well known for its beautiful scenery and different ethnic hill tribes.

By about 5:00 pm, you'll arrive at Lahu village and experience first-hand how the villagers live. Shortly after a beautiful sunset, dinner is served around a massive roaring fire inside one of the local dwellings. You'll learn traditional songs, and be taught some of the tribal traditions that have been past down over the years. Enjoy the difference in culture, and notice the interesting clothing and jewelry as you interact with the inviting tribe members.

The following morning, on day two, breakfast is served by about 9:00 am. Then at 9:30, it's a short walk to the spectacular waterfalls and waterholes of the river; it's the perfect time of day to take a morning splash in the crystal clear water. The experience is cool and refreshing, and the surroundings are breathtaking. Slide down the waterfall and relax on the river rocks as you take in the beauty of the area. There's nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world.

After a rejuvenating swim at the waterfall and lunch, you'll take a memorable elephant discovery before you begin a thrilling hour-long whitewater raft ride down the river. Then you'll board a bamboo raft for about half an hour, until you are returned to you original accommodations by around &:30 pm. After you experience the extraordinary two day trekking Chiang Mai, you'll be ready to plan your return visit!

The two-day trek involves only 5 hours of walking over the course of two days; however, it is not recommended for young children or elderly.

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2 day trekking Chiang Mai2 day trekking Chiang Mai2 day trekking Chiang Mai2 day trekking Chiang Mai2 day trekking Chiang Mai



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