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  • Can the hotel or guesthouse keep my bags or should I carry them with me? - Yes most of the accommodations in Chiang Mai can keep your big bags, if you have a problem, you can leave it at our office with no charge.
  • Should I carry my passport? - Yes and you need to bring a photocopy of your passport to enter in the National park
  • Should I pay something else than the price of the trek? - The drinks (water, beers, soda...), snacks are not included, tips are at your discretion and not mandatory.
  • Do I have to book a long time in advance? We can guarantee you availabilities if you book a minimum of 3 days before departure date. For less, please contact us
  • Should I bring a sleeping bag? - No, the organization provides blankets. In winter season bring a polar shirt. Bring also towels and a swimming suit for the waterfalls.
  • How long my voucher is valid? - 6 months after your buying date
  • Is it sure to pay by credit card on this website? - PayPal ensures the security for all transactions, PayPal is the #1 and biggest payment system online
  • Are the Chiang Mai treks difficult? - Comparing to treks in Nepal, we can say it's quite easy. Let's say for everyday people the difficulty is moderate
  • What should I bring with me? - After booking and payment, you will receive instructions and a check list. Relax, you don't need to go to your local shop of trekking accessories and equipment. A small back bag, sports shoes (no flip flops or open shoes), comfortable attires for normal outdoor activities and common accessories will be OK.
  • What treks most of the people choose? - We notice most of our customers go for 2 days 1 night More questions? Feel free to send us an email
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