How to choose your trekking in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai Trekking are among the top activities when you come to the Rose of the North as Thai people call it.

But how to choose the best trek around Chiang Mai that suit you?

Here is our recommendations:

1 day or 2 days 1 night trek? (or more...)

In both case you will have at least an hour transportation go and another hour back.

Only one day can be a bit frustrated experience and we will recommend you to do a private trek or a multiple activities in group can also be fun.


Do I have to book a long time in advance ?

We can guarantee you availabilities if you book a minimum of 3 days before departure date. For less, please contact us at phone number : +6653222582


2 days 1 night or more days in trekking is synonyms to Live the Life at the Fullest !

Sleeping in the hut and spending the dinner with a tribal family or in group with others participants is a genuine experience that will let you a very good souvenir. Watching the sun raising on the mountain is also a good picture to remember. It also create personals links with others, share good moments, get new friends.

Trek in group or private?

This choice is easy.

Trek in group also called join group:

If you want multiple activities, including rafting on bamboo and white water raft, Orchid and butterfly farm, enjoy meeting others people, have a beer (or more...) on the night you will enjoy in a bamboo dormitory, have fun: go in group !

If you are in good physical condition, not afraid to trek 2 to 3 hours a day with hot weather and sun: go in group !

If you don't have young children and you will follow the group even if you are a bit tired (yes the group doesn't follow you !!!), so go in group.

If you are budget minded, it's undeniable the trekking in group have transportation shared cost and it's reflected in the price that made it a best seller. (Transportation is a high cost in Thailand with a gas price almost the same as westerner countries despite a different incoming level).

Click here to book a one day trekking or here for a two days trekking or here for a 3 days 2 night trek.

Private trek:

It's must focused on non touristy area and nature.

You can also have some activities but the big advantage is the private trek is fully customizable.

If you have children you must go with the private trek because the trail is following the effort you decide with the guide before to start. We have family with very young kids, 2 years old that choose this trek because they will walk less than a kilometer, also to go to the start until the finish with a private trek you have multiple options from very easy to challenging.

If you can not walk too much, please read just above !

If you want to give priority to ecology, eco-trekking, nature and authenticity, choose the private trek. It's also the one where you will be closer to the guide and his relatives. So exchange here can be very good.

Click here to book a private one day private trekking or here for a two days private trekking

Hope we answer to some of your question.

Feel free to comment below.

how to choose your trekking in Chiang Mai



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