Chiang Mai rice terraces tour

One of the most amazing things during the rainy season in the Norther Thailand are the terraced rice fields!

A must for the rainy season for all visitors to the North region, and especially for those who come to Chiang Mai, it is the rice fields!
The rice fields can be visited throughout the country, particularly in the east of Issan which is also named the rice granary of the country, but it is in the mountainous region around the city of Chiang Mai that are located the rice fields that all Westerners coming to visit Asia for the first time dream to see.

Why only in the North?
The Chiang Mai region is mountainous, with Doi Inthanon Mountain among the highest in Thailand, and the Karen tribe, who are primarily farmers, live in this region.
As they live in the mountains, so they naturally build the terraced the rice fields.

One of the easiest ways to see these beautiful rice paddies, which at this time in July are completely green and filled with water, is to go for a trekking on one day or 2 or more days.

Our private trekking to Karen village allows you to visit the Thai jungle, but also to visit these famous and beautiful rice fields, the opportunity to make extraordinary photos or simply to to take full eyes.

For those in Chiang Mai during the rainy season, you can watch here our eco-trekking day at the Karen, where this day that mixes a trekking day, with a night in a traditional village and a day in the small elephant sanctuary of Thong

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