Closer to the elephants: 1 day with elephants and 1 day private trek

An authentic experience out of the beaten tracks, with free and well treated animals
Booking for 2 persons minimum, and 8 maximum!
✓ private trekking Live the best experience of your life: discover elephants in the middle of the jungle, without any chains, any hook, anything except the liberty to be free and walk around as they want! Our camp is not like the others, next to the road and built for tourists! Not at all, our elephants are living with the people of the ethnic hill tribe of the White Karen, as your guide! As a family camp, we just have 6 elephants. As soon as you will arrive, you will meet your new big friends and got some instructions about the schedule of the day. Elephants are really impressive animals, but also so nice, friendly and curious so don't be afraid at all: as soon as you will be ready, you can join them for a mud spa, before to take a shower in the river to clean them. You will learn during the day how to make vitamin balls for your new friend, and walk around with them in the hill behind the camp. Elephants are totally free, and as they eat all day long, be ready to follow them from one bamboo tree to another one! In the evening, before the sun goes down, you will visit a nice waterfall, and an agriculture royal project, before to go to the local village of your guide to meet his family and discover the village. If you want, you are welcome to help them to cook the dinner, then have a good rest thinking about your amazing day with elephants. On the second day, it will be time for you to discover the wild thai jungle. With your guide, after a good breakfast, you will leave the village and walk about 2 hours, discovering the nature, the flower agriculture around and some amazing rice fields terasses! The difficulty is completely depending on you, as it is a private trek, you can manage the level as you want. Your guide will bring you out of the beaten track, having a break ( and a swim if you like ) in a waterfall where you will be alone. After the lunch, it will be time to go down to the village and the civilization. If you want, you can enjoy some bamboo rafting before to drive back to your hotel in Chiang Mai around 5pm.  

The program of Closer to the elephants: 1 day with elephants and 1 day private trek

Day 1

  • Pick-up at your hotel or guesthouse between 8am - 8:30am
  • Stop at a traditional local market to buy some food and discover thai specialities
  • Arrive at the elephant camp, surrounded by sugarcane plantations
  • Discover the place, meet the elephants
  • Learn about them through the all day
  • Go for a mud spa with elephants ( bring a swimwear )
  • Go in the river to clean the elephants and yourself
  • Enjoy a thai lunch
  • Learn how to make medicine balls ( daily vitamins supplements ) and give them to your new friends
  • Go for a walk with them around, watch them, interact and take pictures. Elephants are completely free in the nearby hill, be ready to follow them!
  • Drive until a Waterfall and a Royal Project ( organic plantation to help local farmers )
  • Go to the White Karen village ( White Pakayaw )
  • Discover the family of the guide and your house for the night
  • Take your time in the village, then if you want, cook with your guide
  • Have a dinner, then sleep in the village

Day 2

  • Wake up around 7h30
  • Enjoy a thai traditional breakfast then pack your bags
  • Start walking in the jungle for about 1.5 hour
  • Have a break at a waterfall where you can swim if you want
  • Enjoy a thai lunch
  • Walk in the jungle, surrounded by the flower agriculture and rice fields
  • With your guide, plant some trees in the jungle to help to reforest
  • Do some bamboo rafting if you want
  • Back to Chiang Mai around 5 / 5:30pm


  • Transportation
  • English speaking guide
  • 2 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast and drinking water
  • Insurance
  • VAT
  • Bamboo rafting

Not included

  • Drinks other than water
  • Any tips for your guide or elephant mahout


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