Elephants Sanctuary & Local Village Experience

2 days 1 night 100% local experience, with elephants, rice paddies and Karen village
Are you ready for one of the most amazing moment of your life?
If yes, then join us now at our Elephant Village Sanctuary for a 2 days 1 night of unforgettable experience, and only in small group!

As local villagers of Dok Ko Ki ( which means sunflower ), a karen hill tribe, we are always happy to welcome visitors and share our culture!

We settled in the middle of the mountains, where our families of 20 houses live simply, but happily, surrounded by rice paddies in terasses, corn fields, bananas and many other vagatables... that we all grown organically!
And we are not alone, as we live with our 4 elephants, including our youngest one, Kulard wich is almost 5yo ( born end on 2017 ).

The program of Elephants Sanctuary & Local Village Experience

Day 1 Elephant Sanctuary

  • Departure at your hotel in Chiang Mai, between 8.00 - 8.30pm
  • Drive to the village
  • Do some light trekking through our rice fields
  • Arrive at the village with our elephants
  • Feed them with our locally grown organix sugar canes and bananas
  • Make herbal medicine balls for your new big friends
  • Take a refreshing bath with the elephants, and take time to swim in the river
  • Lunch with other visitors and villagers
  • Walk to an amazing waterfall for photos and swimming
  • In the evening, help to prepare ingredients for the diner, and cook by yourself on a wood stove
  • Relax and enjoy the surrounding nature next to our campfire

Day 2 Karen Village Experience

  • Enjoy your local breaskfast, with an amazing view
  • Discover and help the villagers at the farm or in the rice fields
  • Learn how karen people weave their natives costomues
  • Explore with your guide the village
  • Take time for wonderful photos
  • Visit the local school and the church
  • Drive back to your hotel in Chiang Mai, around 5.00 - 5.30pm


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