Elephant Trekking Chiang Mai

Eddy Elephant Trekking Chiang Mai

The Eddy Elephant Chiang Mai Tour is a popular elephant tour program that caters to both locals and tourists who want to enjoy a closer relationship with elephants. Elephants represent royalty and hard work in Thailand and they can be seen everywhere, helping Thais with everyday work. Elephants played an important role in the history of Thailand, where it was used in times of war and peace. Today, about two thousand elephants remain all over Thailand, with most of them living in camps like these, where elephants are cared for, fed, and allowed to roam freely just like they did back in the old days. Tours like the Eddy Elephant Chiang Mai tours are very affordable and offer flexible schedules. Participants can choose between longer trips consisting of two days and longer time spent with their new elephant friends, or they can opt for the one day tour where they can feed, bathe and ride elephants before returning back to the hotel at the end of the day.

Activities at Eddy Elephant Trekking Chiang Mai:

Guests will be treated to a day of caring for and bonding with their elephants, starting with a short trip to the market straight from the hotel to buy bananas for the elephants. They will be taken to the camp for a short orientation on how to communicate with the animals. Afterwards they will be taught how to ride the elephant.

Lunch, coffee and tea breaks are given through the day. However, the main event is when the tour participants ride their elephants into the jungle for a fun, elephant trekking exercise. They will be also taught the basics of elephant bathing and essentially mahout training. Elephant bathing is a great training experience for guests, and one that the Thais do with reverence and respect, as if they are doing the same thing for a dear old friend. Participants will have to don the traditional garb for elephant trainers since they are essentially be performing basic mahout training. This is one of the highlights of the tour, with participants allowed to feel how it is like living like a traditional elephant trainer in Thailand.

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The camp can last for one night and two days but there is a shorter one day tour, where instead of staying overnight, they will be returned to their hotels at the end of the day. The one day tour is cheaper although the activities are essentially the same. For guests who have a short time to stay in Chiang Mai, the one day tour is a better option if they want to spend time with elephants and visit other tourist spots in Chiang Mai as well.
There is no better way to commune with nature than to develop a close friendship with one of the most gentle creatures on earth. The elephant is a kind yet strong and powerful beast, and there is so much that humans can learn from it. Tours like the Eddy Elephant Care Chiang Mai offer guests a unique nature experience that they cannot get anywhere else.

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